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Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is an Australian actress. She is most well known for playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, an HBO fantasy series that earned her an Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a drama series in 2010. Her breakout role as Sansa in season two earned Turner the lead role in the popular TV series American Pie and also made her a household name in both Australia and the United States.

Sophie Turner started acting at the age of 12 in her local theatre and TV series and she was cast for the role of a small boy’s pet in the animated film Finding Nemo. The film and the TV series were so successful in both countries that Turner was soon cast to portray a character in the movie adaptation of Finding Nemo and even had a part in the film adaptation of Finding Nemo before she received any credit for her role in Finding Nemo. The role of Nemo’s pet was so small that the film and TV series both received very positive notices.

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner

As the years went by, Sophie Turner began working on smaller shows. These small shows would not have the same acclaim of the aforementioned film or series, but Turner continued to show promise as an actor, and after several small roles, the casting staff of Game of Thrones decided to give Turner the chance to play a major role in the series. She was cast as Sansa, a major character in the books, and was given the role of a main character in the TV series. Turner was immediately cast as the beloved Sansa in the series, and after the first season, she became the most popular female character of the series.

In her role as Sansa, Turner plays a strong character who is the queen’s confidante. She possesses immense power, intelligence, beauty, and a great amount of strength that make her a formidable force in the book and TV series. Her physical appearance has not changed much over the years from her early stage performances, but the makeup and wardrobe she uses during her roles as Sansa on Game of Thrones and American Pie have become more refined over the years. She has become one of the best known actresses in Hollywood for playing a strong female character in television shows and films.

There are many things that have been reported about Sophie Turner’s love life. In the books, she was once involved with Lord Petyr Baelish (Pedro Pascal), a man she fell in love with, before they parted ways when he died in season one of the TV show. However, in the books, he is referred to as her lover and not a husband, making Turner a lesbian in the novels. Turner’s relationship with Baelish is a bit of a mystery in the books, but it appears that she does not really care for him at the time.

When Turner was younger, she had been a member of the Church of England. She has been known to attend church regularly and has always been active in the community.

Like all members of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Sophie Turner is a member of the British Screen Dramatics Company. Turner is also a member of the Royal Academy of Recording Arts and Composers and is a member of the British Theatre Critics Association. Other notable members of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts include John Mills and Jonathan Nell.

Sophie Turner’s parents were immigrants from the state of Victoria in Australia, where she was born. Turner’s mother was a teacher and her father a carpenter. She moved with her parents to the United Kingdom when she was two.

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