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Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland has been an incredibly versatile actress throughout her entire career. Born in Manhattan, California, she went to the prestigious Professional Performing Arts Schools in New York City, then worked briefly in films and TV shows before landing a lead role in The Breakfast Club and playing supporting characters in other successful comedy series. However, she did not stop there, making appearances on popular TV shows like Friends and Roseanne. She has also appeared in movies including Private Parts and The Office, as well as guest-starring on popular TV shows like ER and The Simpsons.

Born in 1940, Sarah Hyland was one of three children born in the Bronx to John and Mary Hyland. Her father was a construction worker who died in the second world war, but Sarah was raised to be proud of her father’s accomplishments, despite his loss. Sarah started acting in high school and won a role in an episode of the highly acclaimed series, My Name Is Earl. From this role, she was introduced to Hollywood and signed with the Universal Pictures film company, which was looking for a new actress for a part in their production of My Name is Earl.

Sarah Hyland’s success with My Name is Earl led to a recurring role on the popular sitcom Married With Children and, later, a starring role in the highly acclaimed ABC comedy Seinfeld. From there, Sarah went on to a career that featured films such as Dog Day Afternoon and Meet the Parents. However, the most successful years of her career would be found in her role as Holly Golightly in the movie Anastasia: The First Movie.

Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland was then cast in the popular soap opera All My Children, where she played the role of Holly Golightly. Although it was a fluke performance, Sarah was able to use her experience in Holly Golightly to help earn her more roles, ultimately creating a successful career in television. It was while working in TV that Sarah discovered her love of acting and became involved with Broadway productions.

In addition to appearing in TV, Sarah Hyland has also made appearances in films such as The Fast And The Furious, Finding Nemo, and The Hangover. However, her most famous role is her role as Holly Golightly in Anastasia: The First Movie. Despite this, Sarah is known most widely for her role in the TV show Married With Children, thanks largely to the fact that her character was often a central focus of the show, where she played the role of the central romantic figure of the story. She played this role from the age of twelve to nineteen.

As far as her acting career goes, Sarah’s most notable role was as Holly Golightly in Anastasia: The First Movie, although her appearance in the film is not entirely her most significant. Her other notable roles include the role of the mother of Richard Dean Anderson’s character in Private Parts, as well as a supporting role in the TV series Blind Date and a supporting role in Annie, among others.

When she first started in acting, Sarah had no idea she was going to be able to enjoy such a long and successful career, as many actors struggle at first. However, after she began acting for several years on TV, she discovered the true value of persistence. Sarah kept trying different roles, even going out on auditions for months, but was never able to land a role that really caught her eye.

Sarah Hyland’s persistence soon paid off, as she finally landed roles such as a lead role in the movie Anastasia: The First Movie, which helped establish her career. The movie itself did not have any memorable lines, but her performance as Holly Golightly helped to cement Sarah’s place in the hearts of people who had seen her onscreen. In addition to her role in Anastasia: The First Movie, Sarah Hyland also made appearances in The Firm, The Shield, and Lost.

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