Rihanna – Why I Recommend It


Robyn Rihanna is an African-American woman, singer, and entrepreneur. Born in Barbados and raised in Bridgetown, Jamaica, Rihanna first made her way into the music industry as an artist under the name Robyn Rihanna, but it was her association with American record mogul Evan Rogers that led to her becoming one of the biggest selling female artists in the United Kingdom.

Her first big break came in the form of her own record label, named after her, Robyn Records. As her career progressed, the label released several of her singles including ‘Umbrella’, which has sold over three million copies.

Although she began with just a handful of albums, Rihanna’s name soon spread worldwide, as well as her music, thanks to the exposure she received thanks to videos posted on YouTube and other websites. She was also featured on several TV shows such as Oprah and The Tonight Show.

When it comes to Rihanna, you will find many different sides to this amazing artist but let us take a closer look at her personal life and achievements. As mentioned earlier, she was born in Barbados. In the past decade, she has developed into an accomplished musician, acting in several successful films and TV shows, as well as being a leading actress in Hollywood.


Rihanna has been married to actor Russell Simmons since 1993, although they have separated since the start of last year. She has three children, daughter Rihanna Alonzo, two sons Jay Z and Robert Mapplethorpe, along with several nannies for their children. All the children have their own distinct style and look, so we know Robyn is proud of them all.

It has been recently reported that Rihanna’s daughter, Jay Z, is going to be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards. Her son is yet another famous artist, Kanye West, and is one half of the hip hop duo The Neptunes. Her daughter Rihanna’s mother is an opera singer and dancer. Although she does not have any acting credits, she was a guest judge on the famous television show ‘American Idol’ back in the day.

In regards to her musical talents, Robyn has written six songs and recorded two of her own, and she can sing them as well. These include the singles “Stay”Give Me Everything”.

While there are many things about Robyn that make her one of the top celebrities, it would be unfair to list all of them here. The list is probably very long. What is important is that she is truly a wonderful woman that everyone enjoys listening to. Her career, achievements, and family are all reasons to be proud of her.

There is no doubt about it, Rihanna is a highly popular superstar. When you search online for Rihanna biographies, you will quickly discover many different ones that feature this stunning singer and her impressive achievements in the music industry.

Many people will mention her love of fashion, and her love of music. For example, when the cover of her new album, Rated R was released, people found out that it was Rihanna’s first official album in seven years, and that she was completely broke.

Although people like to talk about her love of fashion, there are actually a lot more things they will mention about Rihanna. She is known to be a very talented musician, even though she only has one record to her name.

The music industry in general, has accepted that Rihanna has talent, and her album was certified gold. She has won many awards and is well known for her work on movies. People are more than happy to pay good money to listen to her songs. This includes the film ‘The Fighter’, where she played a major role in the success of Michael Douglas, as well as other movies.

Some people claim that she is a diva, but there is also plenty of evidence that she is a very down-to-earth person, who is very humble. She has never shied away from a challenge. She is known to be a good friend to her fans, and she takes time to meet with them to talk about her music. The most exciting thing about her is that she is very willing to give interviews, giving fans an insight into the music industry, her family, and her personal life.

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