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Olivia Cooke

Olivia Cooke is an American actress. She’s most famous for her starring role as Sophia Bates in the hit A&E television drama True Blood.

Cooke has been acting since she was nine years old. She played a girl in the movie version of The Breakfast Club and has appeared in numerous other TV shows like The Shield, The Black Adder, and others. She also made a guest appearance on the sitcom Family Matters.

Cooke has two children. She married actor Joe Cooke, the father of one of her children. They live in New York City. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Her mom was the singer Vivica Fox, while her dad was the singer Elvis Presley.

Cooke was born in California and grew up in California. Her parents had divorced when she was very young. She was raised by her grandparents. She grew up in a loving environment.

Cooke has been open about her past in her acting career. She has talked about her difficulties growing up and her bipolar disorder as well. She’s written many books and has appeared on several television shows. She’s been a guest star on The Shield. She’s also appeared on the television program CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Olivia Cooke
Olivia Cooke

Olivia Cooke has also appeared in films, television shows, and commercials. She’s appeared in movies such as Dog Day Afternoon, Get Shorty, High Fidelity, and others.

Cooke’s acting career started when she was a child. She spent much of her youth performing in local theaters. She made her first appearance on stage at the age of five. She later appeared in movies such as The Breakfast Club, Dog Day Afternoon, The Heartbreak Kid, and others.

Olivia Cooke lives in New York City. Her family lives in California. She enjoys spending time with her family and doing charity work.

The actress had a long history of substance abuse. She was arrested for cocaine possession several times. Her career began to decline when she began to use cocaine and heroin. She went through a serious drug addiction.

It’s difficult to find out much about Cooke. Her real name is Olivia Nicole Gould. Her birth date is June 8, 1948.

Olivia Cooke’s family had no idea that she was an actress. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother struggled with drug addiction. Her mother has died from an overdose of heroin.

According to her bio on IMDb, Cooke worked on a film, The Wedding Planner, with her mother. The movie was released in the year 1980.

Cooke also wrote the screenplay for a film, The Wedding Planner. Her bio on IMDb claims that she wrote the screenplay herself. The movie was directed by John Badham.

Cooke has appeared on numerous television shows and films. She’s appeared in a number of different TV shows, including The Shield, Two and a Half Men, and other popular sitcoms. She’s been a guest star on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The actor/actress is known for her performances in movies. Her best known roles are in the comedy movie, The Heartbreak Kid, where she played the role of Marla Singer. She was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.

In the film The Heartbreak Kid, Cooke portrayed the character of Marla Singer. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. She was also known for her role in the comedy movie, Dog Day Afternoon.

It’s difficult to find out much more about Olivia Cooke’s personal life, though she does have a few articles written about her on her bio. Some of her personal life is documented on IMDb. She married producer John Dallinger in the year 1990.

Her bio on IMDb claims that she dated a few famous men, such as Warren Beatty, before getting married. She married her first husband, Richard Bachman, in the year 1994. Her marriage to him lasted only six months.

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