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Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist was born in Denver, CO on December 5th, 1970. She is an American actress and singer known for her roles in such movies as The Wedding Crashers, My Super Ex Husband, and Pretty When You Cry. Born Melissa Marie Benoit, she has had a steady rise in stardom that has lasted over the past ten years. Born to a French father and American mother, Benoist grew up in Littleton, CO, where her family owned a clothing store.

Melissa Benoist was originally raised in Littleton Colorado. Her parents were divorced when she was five years old and she spent the first four years of her life in foster homes. Melissa’s father was an alcoholic and died in a car crash when she was four years old. He was never married and was living in Littleton Colorado at the time of his death. She was raised in a loving home by her mother and her two siblings.

Melissa Benoist attended East High School in Denver. While at East High School, she met actor and singer David Hyde Pierce. He would eventually become famous as an actor with films such as True Lies, Big Fish and the TV series House.

As a student, Melissa was in the same year as future actor Charles Kennedy. Kennedy would later go on to play the character of John Kennedy in the movie JFK. They were also in the same class in High School.

Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist

Melissa was also in the same year as future singer Martha Kelly. Kelly would go on to have a career that spanned twenty years. She had hit albums such as She’s the Man, She’s Gone and Last Goodbye.

At the time of Melissa Benoist bio, Martha Kelly had only been on the road for six months. After a trip across the country in a bus with three other girls, she wound up in Denver, CO, where she was discovered by producer John Cusack. Cusack was interested in seeing her in person and invited her on tour with him.

The band traveled on the bus for nine days through all of the western states. Along the way, she learned how to perform as a singer on top of the world with her guitar. While she was on the road, Cusack began making phone calls regarding the possibility of a band for her.

Melissa Benoist went on tour with Cusack’s band, the Blue Oyster Cult. Their band name was simply called Melissa and the Breaks. During the tour, Melissa and Cusack had the opportunity to meet actors such as Brad Pitt and Will Smith.

On the final day of the trip, Melissa was asked to make up a song for Cusack. In turn, she made up the lyrics and performed it on top of the world with her guitar. She ended up performing the song in front of everyone in the bus and the rest of the band. After the song was over, she made up a new song for herself and Cusack’s band.

During her stay in Cusack’s band, Melissa played drums on her very first album. Her performance on this album helped launch her career. The album would eventually be covered by everyone from Elvis Costello to Elton John.

Melissa was able to get signed to the famous record label, Geffen Records, which was co-founded by none other than Michael Jackson. She was hired to play drums on his Thriller album. Since her days in the Blue Oyster Cult, she had also recorded with such artists as The Cars, Maroon 5 and Elvis Presley. She became popular as a recording artist and the recording industry began to take notice.

After a few more albums with Geffen Records, she signed on with the big studio Sony Records, which was headed by the late Michael Jackson. This is when the singer’s daughter Janet helped push Melissa Benoist onto the big screen.

For the next couple of years, the talented singer enjoyed steady success as a recording star. Her filmography includes appearances on movies such as X-Files: The Gift and Pretty Woman. She was even seen in the movie The Rainmaker and she was given the title role of an actress on an episode of The O.C. She received another break as the girlfriend of Heath Ledger in The Omen.

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