Markie Post – Why I Recommend It

Markie Post

Markie Post biography is one of my favorite novels by Judith Viorst. She wrote it about her friend of thirty-four years named Marjorie Armstrong. Marjorie was born in Oklahoma and raised there.

Marjorie is a very loving person and a loving mother who had always supported her family in the past. When she was young, Marjorie had worked as a nurse’s assistant and had a child but they broke up and Marjorie stayed with her mother while taking care of her two children. When Marjorie became a single mother, she lived on welfare and did odd jobs for people, but then she met her best friend who was Markie Post and that was when she started her relationship with Markie Post.

Markie had come to America as a seventeen-year-old girl in the 1920’s. She left home with a suitcase and came to California. Marjorie was very worried about her child, but Markie was very loving towards her and took good care of her. She even went on to give birth to another son who was later adopted by her son Mark.

Marjorie and Markie had their first meeting, when she went out one night to meet him for the first time. Markie was not interested in the relationship as he wanted something serious. Marjorie was very sweet and gentle to him and Markie fell in love with her. Marjorie was very grateful for the kindness and love of Markie.

Markie Post
Markie Post

They were married when Markie was nineteen. Markie was twenty-three at that time. Their two sons were born, when they were married, although Markie did not want them because of his own love for Marjorie. She was very good with their children and they enjoyed each other’s company.

Marjorie was a very loving and compassionate woman who loved to cook. Her husband would help her do that and she would cook the food for the whole family. Marjorie was also very good in helping her mother with her cooking.

Markie was very caring to his brothers and was very loyal to their mother. They were married for twenty-five years. Although Markie loved her husband, he was not interested in a relationship with her.

Markie died at age fifty-two and Marjorie was eighty-six. Marjorie went into hospice and Markie moved into a nursing facility. Markie had a stroke and passed away a month later.

Markie was so wonderful in life. She had so much love and compassion for everyone. She was a very kind and caring person.

She always treated people with respect and dignity. She loved her family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and church.

Markie was very generous in giving money to people in need. She gave many of her family members’ money for homes.

Markie was so thankful to her daughter Marjorie for all she had given to her. She gave to her church, schools, and various charities. She gave her grandchildren clothes to wear.

Markie was a true example of someone who is true to God and can show others how to live. She will always be a good example to me.

Markie has received many awards over the years and received many book prizes. She was a friend to many and will always be remembered by many.

Markie is a great friend to many of my children. I have been with her in the hospital for two months when she passed. She was so caring to my kids when I needed it.

She would give me advice about my job and how to get along with my children. She made them understand what was happening and I did the same for them.

Markie Post was a wonderful, kind person. She will be missed and never forgotten.

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