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Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson, better known by her stage name, Lily-Rose Depp, is an Australian actress, musician, and Internet personality also known for having appeared in several web shows, such as the Emmy-nominated Kids React, as well as her own online vlogging and blog content. As of the time of this writing, she has over thirty thousand followers on Facebook and has become one of the most popular celebrities on YouTube as well.

With a background in theatre and music, Lia grew up in a conservative Christian household. She was raised to believe that her voice is God’s will and that she should not “act up” or take chances when it came to her body.

However, Lia grew into a girl who was confident enough to perform before a live audience, such as with her band, called Lily-Rose Depp. However, in order to have success on the road, she turned to her parents’ church in Melbourne as she tried to understand why God was leading her astray.

There, her mother revealed that Lia was really a boy, only known by his birth name, Michael. Her father wanted to call him Mikey, but that was not the name of Michael’s dog, which was named after Michael. According to her mother, Michael had been born with a feminine voice and as a young child, he had been told that he was going to be a man someday, but that he was born with a masculine voice instead.

Lia Marie Johnson was devastated, but she found solace in her faith and chose to accept her new name. As she began to grow into adulthood, her voice changed dramatically. This is when her musical career began to blossom. By the time she was twenty, she was in the studio recording a song entitled “The Way You Love Me.”

Lia Marie Johnson
Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson also continued to express her religious beliefs through her Christian music, but the most notable change that took place after she had made the switch from Mikey to Lily-Rose was her relationship with her daughter, her half-sister, Rose Marie Claire. In addition to being an actress, Lily-Rose is also an author of children’s books, a published author, and even has her own production company called the Liamere. Aesthetique.

However, the relationship between Lia and Claire did not last, as they separated. Claire claims that her father was abusive and that it caused friction in their relationship, particularly during a period of time when the two were on the verge of splitting up.

Lia Marie Johnson also claimed that she discovered her father’s infidelity. After discovering this, she decided to end their relationship, leaving behind a painful past in an e-book that details the story of her journey of recovery.

In addition to writing about her mother’s abusive relationship, Lily-Rose includes many other anecdotes about her life. She also relates stories about her father’s abuse, how she was molested as a child, and how she felt like she was unable to find peace in her life. There are many pages in the book dedicated to her parents. She also includes poems and quotes about the importance of accepting oneself.

It is hard to read these things and not feel like you are forced into a personal story. Some of it is true and some of it is false, but I do find that I feel compelled to go back to the book because there is so much that I learned from reading her biography.

The Lia Marie Johnson has even won some awards, including a Golden Sun Award, which recognizes the best book in the field of children’s literature.

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