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Emily Browning

Emily Browning’s resume is a list of accolades ranging from the Oscars to Australia Day. If you were a fan of high school drama and the likes, you’ll love what Emily Browning has done on TV recently. She is not only known for her role as “Emily” on High Flyers but also plays a recurring role on The Good Wife and CSI.

The star of High Flyers is Emily Browning. Browning was born in Perth, Australia. As a child she was interested in theatre but she did not like acting because she had always been more interested in studying music. Then, when she was 17, her mother died, and so her interest in acting began.

Emily Browning was raised in Australia and moved to the US when she was a teenager. In an interview, she talked about what it was like to leave Australia and live in America.

Emily Browning
Emily Browning

“I loved the United States, it was just perfect for me,” she said. “The culture, the food, the friends, everything. I still miss the people there though and so do my fans. It’s really cool to get to do this.

Emily Browning has appeared in many films. She has played a number of different roles on both television and in the theater.

There are many great films that have featured Emily Browning. For example, she played a girl who falls for the love of her life in the movie The Man Who Shoved the Bathroom Mirror. She also played the daughter of a couple who find themselves with very different views of love in the movie Love Never Dies. And if you haven’t heard, she is currently starring on the hit show CSI.

Her career has been quite varied, and it is a testament to how good she is as an actress that her acting career has lasted so long. She may not have the big name that many actresses like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston have, but Emily Browning has always kept herself busy and has worked hard. There is no doubt that she is very talented and we can be sure that she will continue to make great movies.

You can see Emily Browning in High Flyers online now on DVD and see her in many of her other films. Her work is certainly one that will never be forgotten. So whether you were a fan of High Flyers or you don’t watch the show, you should definitely take a look at her now! Check out her IMDB page or visit her website.

If you want to see some great pictures of Emily Browning as well as her acting talent, visit her website. You will certainly be able to get a sense of her talent as well as check out some of her other roles.

If you have not heard of Emily Browning before, you should definitely take a look at her IMDB page. You will be able to read a great bit of information about the talented actress. As a matter of fact, you will also find out how she got into acting in the first place.

Emily Browning has acted in a number of films, and you may even be surprised to learn that she was actually an accountant before becoming an actress. She also has had small parts in some television shows. But before you start to wonder how she ended up acting in movies, you will find out that she started out by working in small commercials and then later found her way into playing the role of a parent in the movie The Secret Diary of a Young Girl.

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