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Anvil Minecraft – I understand well complements you in this video I’ll show you how to properly apply enchantments 2 items with a number. What’s so hard about this because if you use it in a straight forward way you will be very limited in terms of the number of various instruments you can put on 1 item which is 6 I knew this matter if the game had enough in terms meant you would apply to 1 piece of gear you could be able to add more than 30 various entrances to it obviously it is now not possible but the game gets you Johnson said now and then so maybe 1 day it is especially important right now S. in the most current released version of this moment which is 1.14.2 it is possible to mix different protection instruments on 1 piece of armor which became a great new idea as of 1.14 proper but it will no longer be a great idea in 1.143 coming out sometime next week so you might as well use it where can so when applying and jump into a tool or piece of armor the game prices that combining corporation based on the level of the entrapment as well as this robbery so for example if fishing C. has 1.per level. Things like fortune are to. And tests of touch, for example, is 4 points as a veteran chant mint although there’s the only one that’ll you can apply it from this coast is constant for a given instrument it is the same regardless when we apply it what is more important is the gradually increasing base cost of any subsequent operations section of graduates exponential for that I have prepared a number of Dameon Johnson is that you could apply to all the items since the game is limited with Vincent Thompson selection for any particular item but this will serve as a very good benchmark to show how many enchantments you could, in theory, apply in survival all of these have only one level to them, and they are common in nature and have no effect but let’s assume for a moment that they actually do something in the room as many of them as possible. The first application will cost only one. The second to. The third for the H… 16. And 32. And at this point, the item is already too expensive to modify. 114 you could technically apply up to 11 then trump’s minster bullets or helmets so how to do it. You have to group then transmits together in the form of a large sort of and chanting tree where every time we manage to items together they should have the same number of modifications or enhancements that we have applied with the on the field. So let’s try to do it first you can apply one dummy entrapment to this pick as both for them hasn’t been Houston around at this point you can count this pickaxe as our item level 2 because it has itself and I think counts as a fig 0 enchantments think about it this way and one extra time, so we cannot combine it with the next book because this one had the only one that jumps into it but you can combine that book with this book and now we have 2 items the bulls have won on the operations to the now just need to repeat the process until you run out of internet we just need to make sure that you have something to items with a different number of announcements. At any point, you can check what is the current under the cost of an item by placing it in the envelope and trying to rename it so with 15 in some sense our current cost is 60, so we would be able to add the new entrapment packs twice more once 16 and the second time the 32 levels. This is over where incomes another limitation is the combined hold off and tighten up rations which cannot exceed 39 survival and if we continue with our book combining we can see that although we are at 16 base cost to have that book to these peacocks which showed the same under because it’s already past 39 levels. So this some tries in the errors and if our basic instruments at this level we can only have 9 more. And here we go 39 levels but this protection still in trouble but try to there is only for more insight to it. So we ended up with 28 and John not bad but you can still do a little better and that’s where and the triumphant table actually comes into play when in time that item in installment table it’s until costs is still 0, so we can rack up a fuel more enchantments by starting our deliberations with the pre enchanted item on them something table would you about the topic that was can actually be used for something. So here to speed up the process I copied the same books used before with the other peacocks, so I don’t need to go through the entire combining 3 the first throughout the first book than the German tool for an 8 actually having a lower annual cost is extremely important pre mending times as lower under caution and keep repairing items more times but the G. comes more and more important now as well with more chances that you can keep adding to the items. Now hit the limit to Kenneth.16 SO 9 more. And for more. There we have it guys 31 and some friends on one item will be the most of them fake let me know change version down because come over the in the pre-release this and let’s go back to 1.42 and this in turn that helmet. So we are back to 1.42 was a time when the helmet and all the stuff you want to put on it good stuff in the garbage as well as you can see we can group within 3 groups of 4 and that’s not too bad I said to them briefly, so we are the more expensive instruments for us because we don’t want the individual calls on China to be higher when I’m because his highest well because that’s may exceed 39 levels may be potentially and also we are not starting with the prints on the tenth, so we have this extra handicap as well let’s do it. There you have it guys the fully enchanted by 1.14 to standards that one helmet with 11 entrenchments at the same time and the current under the cost of only 16 circles even odds 2 more batches of enchantments to it in the future should anything gets added to the game. So that was the guys for today if your call does veto quickly before your game updates to 1.43 get this super overpowered armor while you can or if you’re upgrading your existing game yourself from some previous version don’t forget to stop by at 1.42 to get this suite combines and chance I hope you enjoyed the video if you did don’t forget to leave me a like leave me a comment in the comments section below and if you’re new subscribe for more such steps in the future one bonus question to all of you I already talked in the past in this town about this mode of combining and Johnson is another deal I wonder if anybody could find that video it’s a very old one so see in the next one bye-bye.

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